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E-Commerce Logistics By Transportation

International FBA Forwarding Service

With the development of the world economy, the demand for international cross border e commerce logistics has become one of the important factors for enterprises to keep the economic engine running smoothly.

If you purchase from overseas and sell on American e-commerce platforms, you must need professional FBA freight forwarders. Through our FBA services, we provide personalized solutions to our customers. If necessary, we are happy to handle the whole e commerce logistics process  for you.

Types of EFD CARGO FBA Forwarding Service By Transportation

  • E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight

    E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight

    E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight
    International airfreight is a modern form of e commerce transport and logistics. It is a form of e business logistics in which transnational air carriers carry out the whole air e commerce logistics services between two countries (regions) and assume the responsibility of e commerce logistics model.
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  • Air Freight Logistics

    Air Freight Logistics

    Air Freight Logistics
    Seafreight e commerce logistics business model is a natural waterway, without the need for additional investment like airport railway, and port facilities are mostly built by the government. Seafreight e commerce logistics services industry can greatly save these huge infrastructure costs, coupled with the large volume of ships and long e business logistics distance. Therefore, the e logistics in e commerce cost of seafreight is nearly 1/5 of that of railway e commerce logistics process. 1/10 of road transportation and 1/30 of air transportation.
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  • E-COMMERCE Railway Freight

    E-COMMERCE Railway Freight

    E-COMMERCE Railway Freight
    International railway transport is a major mode of transport in international ecommerce logistics trends, which is second only to maritime e commerce logistics model. Its greatest advantage is that the volume of e logistics in e commerceis larger, the speed is faster, the risk of transport is significantly less than that of marine transport, and it can maintain punctual operation all year round.
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  • E-COMMERCE Express Freight

    E-COMMERCE Express Freight

    E-COMMERCE Express Freight
    Whether you want to send e-commerce express shipments in the most e commerce logistics model, or need more reliable transportation time and include commercial customs clearance e commerce logistics services, our product solutions can provide suitable options according to your transportation needs and e-commerce logistics requirements. EFD CARGO provides international standard parcel delivery services for business customers.
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What is E-Commerce Freight Forwarding?

E-Commerce Logistics By Transportation

An industry that accepts the entrustment of import and export cargo shippers and consignors, in the name of the principal or in its own name, handles international cargo e commerce logistics and related e commerce courier companies for the principal and collects service remuneration.

With the development of international ecommerce logistics trends and e commerce logistics business model, international freight forwarders have penetrated into every field of international ecommerce logistics trends and are an indispensable and important part of international e commerce logistics.

Do I Need a E-Commerce Freight Forwarder?

E-Commerce Logistics By Transportation
  • Provide Consultation

    International freight forwarders are well versed in international e commerce logistics company links, are proficient in various e commerce courier companies, understand relevant laws and regulations, and understand relevant situations around the world. The source of information is correct and timely, and they can take care of the packaging, storage, loading and unloading and care of the goods, as well as the mode of e commerce logistics of the goods. Provide clear and detailed advice to the client as required by relevant authorities such as transportation routes.

  • Effective Communication

    International freight forwarding agents have extensive business relationships, developed service networks, and improved information technology e commerce logistics model of their predecessors. They can maintain effective communication between freight e commerce logistics partner and other related companies and parts at any time. The whole process of transportation is properly tracked and controlled.

  • Reduce Costs

    International freight forwarding agents grasp the market conditions of cargo transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, and insurance, and have long-term, close and friendly cooperation with cargo e commerce logistics partner, storage custodians, ports, airports, stations, yard operators and insurers. Relationship, through the efforts of international freight forwarders, you can choose the best e commerce logistics model for the goods.

  • Professional Service

    The job of an international freight forwarding agent is to use its own professional knowledge and experience to provide the client with cargo contracting, delivery, assembling, consolidating, receiving and unloading, and delivery services, accepting the client's entrustment, and handling cargo insurance, customs, and Commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control and other procedures.

  • Fund Management

    Relying on the strength and credibility of international freight forwarders to provide fees, tax guarantees or risk guarantees to carriers, warehouse custodians, loading and unloading homeworkers, banks, and customs authorities, it can help clients to finance funds, reduce capital pressure, and improve capital utilization efficiency.

Why Choose FBA Forwarding as Your Freight Forwarders?

  • Tailor-Made Solutions

    Just let us know your sales and stock situation in e-commerce platform, we will book 1X40 HQ from Shanghai to LA first with ETA 20 days later, and book 20 CBM by LCL departure ASAP, finally, we will send 30CTNS/500Kilos by air, express, etc.

  • Solving Customs Clearance Issues

    FDA, CPC, or Anti-Dumping products? Our customs broker will always give you advice before shipping to ensure safer customs releasing.

  • 7/24 milestone Update By System

    Just input our tracking numbers, you will find all milestones online.

  • Outstanding Route Designer

    My delivery address ZIP code is 75241, how we make the route thereby the lowest ecommerce fulfillment costs? Via LA, New York Port, by LTL or UPS Ground? Just please let us design for you. We'll provide a most suitable route for your cargo.

  • Trouble Cases Solver

    The factory doesn't release the cargo to the forwarder since payment hasn't arrived yet? Or can we pick up goods from factory A and B separately and ship to the nearest POL of China? We solve everything there.

  • Transparent Price

    Met before some e-commerce forwarders are always raising rates upon the quotation sheet? No, it will never happen here, our SOP is always verified with supplier the real cargo pictures and complete the quotations accordingly, once it is picked up any extra fees we will absorb indeed.

How E-commerce Logistics Differs from Brick and Mortar Logistics?

E-commerce logistics and brick and mortar logistics differ in several ways. E-commerce logistics services focus on delivering products to customers' homes, while brick and mortar logistics focuses on delivering products to stores. What's more, the number of end destinations, as well as the size of shipments and order volume, are also different. While e-commerce stores can send packages to thousands of consumer addresses around the world, brick-and-mortar businesses are more focused on deliveries to and from stores or wholesalers.

How Does E-commerce Logistics Works?

As a new digital business method, e-commerce represents future trade, consumption and service methods. Therefore, to improve the overall business environment, it is necessary to break the traditional system of the original industry and develop and establish the main characteristics of commodity agency and distribution. A socialized logistics distribution system that organically combines logistics, business flow, and information flow. The concept of e-commerce logistics emerged with the development of e-commerce technology and social needs. It is an indispensable and important part of the real economic value of e-commerce. E-commerce transport and logistics is a collection of processes, such as inventory management, warehousing, packaging, labeling, billing, transportation, collection, return and exchange. All of this adds up to an urgent task that requires a comprehensive strategy. In addition, logistics requires a thorough understanding of territory, roads and road conditions, regulations governing the movement of goods, and transportation laws. The main purpose of creating E-commerce logistics units is to deliver packages faster, safer and more accurately.

FAQs of FBA Forwarding Service

  • Why are Freight Rates Increasing?

    The main reason is the uneven supply and demand, which will inevitably cause the freight rate to rise:

    • Empty box problem.

    • The price of containers has soared.

    • Increase in export orders.

    • Extend the factory delivery time.

    • Reduced routes means increased costs.

    • The impact of the congestion of the Suito Canal.

    • Artificial control of the market.

  • How to Reduce Freight Costs?

    • In order to save this cost, the relevant business personnel of foreign trade companies are required to be familiar with the overall logistics.

    • For example, when prices are easy to increase or decrease, corresponding to the corresponding quantity of goods, the name of the product and the delivery time address have a corresponding transportation plan.

    • The most reliable thing is to find a safer transportation agent partner and treat others with heart and soul.

  • How do I Start E-commerce Logistics?

    The e-commerce logistics process includes transportation, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, circulation processing, and logistics information processing related to it. They are interconnected and constitute the functional elements of the logistics system.

    These five processes can be referred to as:

    • The starting point of e-commerce-commodity packaging;

    • The artery of e-commerce-commodity transportation;

    • The center of e-commerce-commodity storage;

    • The contact point of e-commerce-commodity loading and unloading;

    • The central nervous system of e-commerce-logistics information.

  • ​What is the Difference Between Cargo and Container?

    The difference between cargo and container.

    Cargo refers to the cargo carried by ships, airplanes, etc., while a container is an item that can store or transport objects, materials, or data.

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