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Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

FBA is the abbreviation of Fulfillment by Amazon, which is simply understood as Amazon Delivery Service. FBA first journey refers to the transfer of the seller's goods from China to the designated Amazon warehouses in Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other countries by 3pl amazon fba, and the provision of corresponding value-added amazon 3pl services to help the sellers who use the FBA service of Amazon's global store-opening project to transport the goods from China to the United States. Amazon warehouse services in the United Kingdom and China.

Amazon 3pl

Amazon FBA

With the low-speed growth of the global economy, the development of China's foreign trade has entered a new normal stage of development. At the same time, the rapid development of e-commerce in China not only promotes the growth of consumption demand and the upgrading of traditional industries but also improves the core competitiveness of enterprises. As an important branch of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce plays an important role in China's foreign trade.

Since 2014, Tree-speed has taken the lead in contacting cross-border e-commerce logistics— fba 3pl, especially Amazon's first journey of transshipment and delivery.

How Do I ship directly to Amazon FBA from China?

Amazon FBA

The easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA is to work with amazon fba forwarder who specializes in Amazon FBA. 

Working with a reputable China-side amazon fba freight forwarder represents significant savings compared to a company based in your final destination. Nothing beats boots on the ground when doing business in China.

Keep reading to learn about shipping to FBA from China. And learn why we've become the preferred solution for FBA prep in China for Amazon Sellers.

Detailed Guide: Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA
  • Step 1: Choose the Correct Shipping Method

    Although shipping is the second half of the supply chain, it should not be left behind. When shipping products to Amazon FBA, the first decision you need to make is to choose a shipping method. This will give you an idea about how long it will take to ship and how much it costs. Some sellers have lost the ability to make more profits simply because they failed to decide on the shipping method that was right for them when they started buying.

  • Step 2: Contact a Freight Forwarder In China

    Once you have considered the best shipping method, it's time to contact amazon freight forwarding to get a quote. If you are not sure which method to use, you can also consult your freight forwarders for amazon fba to get the available options.

  • Step 3: Carry Out Quality Inspection On Your Goods

    It is important to remember that when you ship directly from China to Amazon FBA, you will not have the opportunity to check the quality of the goods before the goods arrive at Amazon's door.

  • Step 4: Create an Amazon Shipping Plan

    Now that your products have passed the quality verification, it is time to prepare your Amazon shipping plan in the seller center. Here is a detailed guide on how to do this on Amazon.

  • Step 5: Properly Package And Label Products For Amazon

    After creating a shipping plan, the Amazon FBA international shipping warehouse will receive a notification, hoping to receive your goods. The next step is to package the products in accordance with Amazon's standards.

Amazon FBA FAQs

  • Is Amazon FBA Really that Simple?

    Amazon fba international shipping is indeed a very convenient service, but it requires money. Some people may not need to spend the money yet. In addition, due to the way the fees are calculated, this service is not suitable for low-cost projects, so you need to choose the registered product.

  • Is Amazon FBA Worth it in 2021?

    Everyone and their mothers have an online business because starting an Amazon business is an easy way to make money. In 2021, this is not true at all... The expectations of major customers will only increase with shipping costs, fulfillment costs, and other costs of operating Amazon's FBA business.

  • ​Who Pays for FBA Shipping?

    As an FBA seller, you can ship goods without paying shipping, handling, or packaging costs. Instead, Amazon fulfillment employees select, pack, and ship products for you. In order to pay for these costs, you will charge FBA fees, which are determined by the size and weight of your product.

  • How Much Should I Invest in Amazon FBA?

    I suggest starting with "seed funding" of around $500, which you can use to buy inventory. I recommend this quantity because it can provide you with a large number of products so that you can see the sales immediately without running out of inventory on the first day (this is a good/bad issue).

  • ​How to Ship from China to Amazon FBA?

    The following is an easy-to-understand step-by-step overview of how you, the seller, should proceed with the process:

    • Find an amazon fba freight forwarder to prepare for your first shipment.

    • Create a shipping plan in the seller center on Amazon.

    • Notify your amazon freight forwarder of the approximate date the goods are ready and get a quote.

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