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Shipping from China to USA

Shipping from China to USA

This is our housekeeping skill. We started from FBA to the USA and developed step by step. So far, DDU / DDP and other mature freight lines, as well as the flexible combination of different freight shipping from china to usa, can achieve faster, more stable, and cheaper services.

What EFDCARGO Shipping to USA Offer?

Shipping from China to USA
  • Amazon warehouse direct delivery from china to usa covering the whole United States.

  • Warehousing, repackaging, picking up, merging different goods, etc.

  • The service network covers all cities in China and major cities in the world.

  • Customs clearance.

  • 24-hour online service.

  • Good pre-sales and after-sales service.


  • How Long does It Take to Travel from China to the United States?

    The rule of thumb for the freight from china to us period (under normal conditions) is 1-2 weeks for regular mail, 3 days for air express, 8-10 days for air cargo, and 30-40 days for sea freight.

  • The Working Principle of Container Transportation-the Process of Container Transportation of Goods

    You have seen a steel box that transports goods shipping forwarder china to usa. It may be on a railroad, a road, or a ship. This is a typical shipping container.

    Containers are standardized steel boxes we use to ship various items.

    From fruits to shoes, from computers to industrial flammable and hazardous materials.

    Through container transportation, anyone can transport goods from point A to point B.

    From now on, shipping containers seems to be a simple process, but in fact, it is a complex system full of inspections and procedures.

  • Why is the Freight from China to the United States So Expensive?

    Why is the sea freight from china to usa cost so expensive? In 2021, the  cost of shipping containers from China to the United States is very high due to increased demand for ship breaking, tight space available for ships, and a small number of containers for export.

    The Chinese government is already putting pressure on china to usa freight forwarder to adjust the expensive shipping cost to ship container from china to usa from China to the United States in 2021.

    In EFDCARGO, we provide the best estimate shipping cost from china to usa: Shanghai to the United States, Shenzhen to the United States, Ningbo to Zhoushan to the United States, Guangzhou to the United States, Qingdao to the United States, Tianjin to the United States, Xiamen to the United States, Dalian to the United States, Hong Kong to the United States.

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