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E-Commerce Logistics By Country

Efdcargo Co., Ltd. has expanded FBA services of cross-border e-commerce transportation and logistics in lots of Eurasian countries such as the UK, Europe, Japan, Israel as well as the USA. Efdcargo Co., Ltd. is committed to creating the world's leading cross-border e-commerce logistics supply chain and best e-commerce shipping solutions to help cross-border e-commerce companies create greater value with competitive rates and space.

Types of EFD CARGO FBA Forwarding Service By Country

FBA Forwarding Service By Country FAQs

  • How does Freight Work?

    on the ship, the captain is informed in advance of the containers to be loaded at a particular port... After the ship arrives, the container is transported out of the port storage facility near the ship by a container port truck. The container port truck can load one 40-foot container or two 20-foot containers.

  • What's the He Difference Between Overseas Warehouse and FBA?

    FBA is officially provided by Amazon with integrated warehouse and distribution services, and the official after-sales services; overseas warehouses are provided by third-party service providers to provide corresponding services, and are responsible for the seller's shipping products from china warehousing and distribution.

  • What's the E Commerce Logistics Process of FBA System?

    Complete overseas service network, standard transportation operation system, excellent professional team, and diversified logistics products.

  • Do Sellers Need to Deal With The Goods Packaging?

    After the seller sends the goods to FBA, they don't have to worry about the related matters of delivery. The whole process from sorting to dispatching the products is completed by FBA.

  • What is the Weight Limit for Each Box of Us-fba Goods?

    In a package, if multiple pieces of goods are included, it cannot exceed 50 pounds; if one piece of goods exceeds 50 pounds, it needs to be delivered separately and needs to be delivered. lift. 

  • What is the Weight Limit for Each Box of Uk-fba Goods?

    UK station: The weight of a single carton cannot exceed 15kg. If it exceeds 15kg, a HeavyPackage (overweight label) must be printed on the outer box.

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