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Air Freight Logistics

Air Freight Logistics

International air cargo logistics is a form of modern international cargo transportation. It is a form of air international freight in which a multinational airline carries out all air logistics shipping service between two countries (regions) and assumes the responsibility of air cargo delivery service.

At a time when many uncertainties in maritime air freight transport services plague buyers and sellers in international trade, even high-cost air cargo transportation remains popular because it provides a measurable final income.

What EFDCARGO Air Freight Offer?

Air Freight Logistics
  • Understand customer terminal needs and arrival deadlines, and start planning programs.

  • Choose the best port of departure, airlines, and the lowest cost allocation within the transit time requirement.

  • Providing inland truck air freight shipping services, starting at the gate point, for air freight shipping to the "Best/cheapest Port" but not the "Nearest Port".

  • According to the weight and volume of the goods, the reasonable combination of reboaming can save the cost of each kilogram for customers.

  • Tracking every shipping by air point of air freight services, two-way connection to the final destination port.

  • Seamlessly connect with foreign agents to clear customs and send them to the final gate until the goods are safely signed and accepted.

EFDCARGO Air Freight Process

Here is how we deal with your cargo professionally:

Air Freight Logistics

EFDCARGO Air Freight Cargo Services

Choosing an air freight company is an efficient and cost-effective way to arrange for the movement of your shipments.

As one of the international air cargo companies, EFDCARGO can help reduce delivery costs, increase shipping options, improve inventory control and lower the chance of damage by air freight cargo services. We have an in-depth look at air freight schedules as well as global freight routes. We investigate each airline carefully to match our customers with the right airline. These important business relationships benefit our customers through superior air freight service and most importantly - getting your cargo safely and reliably to their destination on time. No matter how tight a customer's deadline or how elaborate the items they ship are, EFDCARGO has the resources and expertise to arrange delivery anytime and anywhere.

Advantages of Air Freight

There are many advantages to shipping goods by air. 

1. Efficiency: There's no doubt that air freight is the fastest transport alternative compared to the ocean, rail, or express transport. 

2. Less Potential to Damage Shipment: If the goods are packed correctly, air freight transport is usually a better way to transport fragile items because there is less chance of damage compared with ocean freight logistics.

3. High security: Since air freight is usually used for high-value cargo, safety is of vital essence. However, air freight goes through minimal handling, making it one of the safest shipping options. At airports, security controls on cargo are tightly managed and most cargo can be cleared in a matter of hours. This reduces the risk of damage and theft.

E-Commerce Air Freight Logistics FAQs

  • ​What is Air Freight Best for?

    Small cargo, fresh commodities, seasonal commodities and valuable commodities are suitable for air freight and logistics. For valuables like gold, fresh and perishable, precision instruments, air cargo is the most sensible choice.

  • What is Air Freight Used for?

    • Greatly shorten the time of goods in air freight worldwide.

    • Air freight transportation uses the sky as a natural passage and is not restricted by geographical conditions.

    • International air shipping occupies less land, and it is undoubtedly very suitable for the development of external air freight or shipping in small areas.

  • What Products are Shipped By Air?

    There are no special regulations on the scope of air cargo shipping, as long as the goods comply with local laws, they can be transported. As long as air logistics companies can get a reasonable return from air cargo international shipping, they may take air cargo logistics. For example, if the product is expensive and easily damaged; or the market sales cycle is particularly short (flowers, seafood, fashion clothing, etc.), in order to ensure that the product is sold nationwide, the form of aviation can be adopted.

  • What is AWB?

    • AWB is the abbreviation of "Air Waybill".

    • A document issued by the shipper or in the name of the shipper is a proof of cargo transportation between the shipper and the carrier.

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