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Shipping from China to Europe

Shipping from China to Europe

If you've considered shipping goods to other European countries but need some guidance, or if you're unsure about the new rules for shipping goods to EU member states after Brexit, we're here to help.

What EFDCARGO Shipping to Europe Offer?

Shipping from China to Europe

Railway transportation has lower energy consumption and less carbon dioxide emission than road transportation, which is far lower than air transportation. It has become the perfect supplement of the preferred transportation mode of sea and air transportation in the global low-carbon economic environment.

Generally speaking, 95% of the goods shipping from china to europe freight marshaling trains are 40-foot containers. 20-foot containers must be loaded in pairs on railway tracks. It is not easy to match two 20 foot containers on a railway truck because they need to have similar weight for safety reasons. So what can we do for a cargo with less than 40 foot container capacity? This is why we organize LCL cargo integration services.

Railway freight from China to Europe / freight train from China to Europe / China Europe train.

EFDCARGO Shipping to Europe FAQs

  • How Long does It Take for A Cargo Ship to Travel from China to Europe?

    The traditional sea route between China and Europe runs through the South China Sea, the Strait of Malacca, the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the Suez Canal. This route from China usually takes 30-48 days. Cargo from Asia to Europe sails through the Suez Canal.

  • How Much does it Cost to Ship a Package from China to Europe?

    At the beginning of 2020, the freight cost china to europe is about US$2,000. Now, some companies offer up to $14,000.

  • What is the Most Common Route from China to Europe?

    The main route between China and Europe is through the waterways of the Suez Canal. One of the alternative routes that may be developed in the future is the land railway bridge between China and Europe, such as the railway line from northwestern China to Europe through the sea port of Riga, Latvia.

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