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E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight

E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight

ocean freight is a natural water transport that does not require additional investment such as airport rail, and port facilities are mostly built by the government. Ocean freight shipping services can greatly save on these huge infrastructure sea freight shipping costs, coupled with large volumes of ships and long distances. As a result, the sea freight prices of sea freight is almost one-fifth of that by rail. It's 1/10 of road transport and 1/30 of air transport.

At present, more than two-thirds of the total volume of international trade and about 90 percent of China's total volume of imports and exports are transported by sea freight. Navigation has greatly changed the world.

What EFDCARGO Ocean Freight Offer?

E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight
  • Understand customer terminal needs and arrival deadlines, and start planning programs.

  • Calculate the difference between land price and shipping cost at major ports in the country, and determine the best port of departure.

  • The best mode of transportation is determined according to the total volume of the goods and all transportation costs of the whole container and the whole section.

  • Monitor the packing of customers and agents to ensure that the maximum quantity of goods is packed at the same sea freight quote.

  • Keep an eye on the latest information in the port area to ensure that containers are on board immediately until they leave the port smoothly.

  • Seamlessly connect with foreign agents for customs clearance and dispatch to the final gate until the goods are safely signed and received.

EFDCARGO Ocean Freight Process

Here is how we deal with your cargo professionally:

E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight

EFDCARGO International Sea Cargo Services

Despite its importance to the world economy, freight is a very difficult area to navigate.

That's why even the most experienced shipping professionals rely on the services of ocean forwarder for shipping.

An ocean freight forwarder knows what goods can be shipped, the correct procedures for shipping them, all the paperwork required for shipping them, how to load the goods onto a ship and what to do in case something goes wrong.

As one of the international ocean freight shipping companies, EFD Cargo is equipped with professional international sea cargo services and you can be sure your goods are being handled properly without having to worry about the more important part of the business with the help of EFD Cargo.

Common Ocean and Sea Freight Costs

A freight quotation is more than just a price list for international ocean freight services or rail freight services. In other words, the sea freight quote is a summary of the cost charged by the carrier to transport the goods from point A to point B. The sea freight shipping cost is not fixed. Sea freight cost refers to the remuneration paid by the shipper to the carrier in the ocean freight shipping. Generally, it includes sea freight cost from the port of shipment to the port of destination, as well as surcharges, loading and unloading fees, and port charges. It is divided into sea freight forwarding and freight on arrival. The former is delivered before the carrier accepts the goods or issues the bill of lading; the latter is paid when the ship arrives at the port of destination to deliver the goods.

E-Commerce Ocean Freight FAQs

  • Why are Ocean Freight Rates So High?

    "One box is hard to find" requires the coordination of "ship, port, cargo, and government".

    At present, seaborne containers are divided into two categories: containers provided by foreign ocean forwarder and containers provided by international ocean freight shipping companies. In this special period of this year, the massive shortage of containers refers to the shortage of containers provided by international sea freight companies. Many experts said that one of the important reasons for the extreme vacancy of containers this year is that the rebound of the overseas epidemic has reduced the efficiency of returning empty containers from abroad to China.

  • What is the Ocean Freight?

    Seafreight transportation is a natural waterway, without the need for additional investment like airport railway, and port facilities are mostly built by the government. Seafreight transport service industry can greatly save these huge infrastructure costs, coupled with the large volume of ships and long transportation distance. Therefore, the sea freight shipping costs of seafreight is nearly 1/5 of that of railway transport. 1/10 of road transportation and 1/30 of air transportation.

    At present, more than two-thirds of the total international trade volume and about 90% of China's total import and export freight volume are transported by sea. Seafreight has changed the world enormously.

  • Why are Shipping Rates So High 2021?

    Continued global imbalances have further pushed up prices. The problems that have existed since the beginning of the pandemic include the imbalance of commodity production and demand, the implementation of blockades and openings at different times in various countries, the reduction of shipping capacity on major routes, and the shortage of empty containers. As the recovery progresses, there has been a strong recovery in global demand, especially in sectors most closely related to international trade in goods. With the further opening of the economy and the rebuilding of inventory in multiple links of the supply chain, competition for shipping capabilities has intensified.

  • Why is Ocean Freight So High Right Now?

    There are few alternatives to sea transportation. The lack of shipping alternatives means that it is difficult to avoid soaring transportation costs. For higher-value products, other modes of transportation can usually be chosen, such as air or train transportation of electronic equipment, especially through the "Silk Road." However, the current capacity is limited and tariffs have risen sharply. Shipping costs for shippers of low-value products (such as household items, toys, promotional items, or t-shirts) have increased from about 5% of their purchase costs to more than 20%.

    The difficulty of absorbing profit growth of this magnitude means that consumers may begin to feel the impact of price increases or changes in product supply.

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