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E-COMMERCE Railway Freight

E-COMMERCE Railway Freight

International rail freight is the main mode of transportation in international trade, second only to sea transportation. Its biggest advantage is the large volume of transport, fast speed, freight by train risk is significantly less than sea transport, can keep on time all the year-round operation.

With the opening of the China-Europe railway goods service, a new "Silk Road Economic Belt" has taken shape. By connecting Europe through Central Asia, China is building a new vision of "common progress between east and West"

What EFDCARGO Railway Freight Offer?

E-COMMERCE Railway Freight
  • Understand the nature of the departure station and see that there is no limit to the goods you want to consign.

  • Declaration plan. There are two forms of declaration plan, one is a monthly plan, the other is the daily plan.

  • Apply for goods space and approve purchase.

  • Report the requested vehicle, extract the empty skin, supervise the loading, arrange the quantity of the packed goods quickly, safely, and reasonably.

  • After the vehicle is loaded, the train cargo transportation department contacts the trailer in time to make the goods arrive at the station as soon as possible.

EFDCARGO Railway Freight Process

Here is how we deal with your cargo professionally:

E-COMMERCE Railway Freight

Advantages of Rail Freight Sevices

1. Cost-efficiency: Compared to other services, rail cargo services is cheaper and quicker on long-distance freight movement.

2. Punctuality: Unlike road freight and ocean freight logistics, which are affected by congestion and bad weather conditions, there are few factors to block the rail path, reducing the risk of sudden delays.

3. Eco-friendly: Today, protecting our planet is on a must-to-do list. From an environmental point of view, rail freight is the best transport option compared to other transport. The main environmental advantage of rail freight is the reduction of exhaust emissions. When comparing carbon dioxide emissions from different modes of transport, it is clear that rail freight is the winner. 

As one of the international rail freight companies, EFDCARFO offers reliable rail freight services with low train cargo charges.

E-Commerce Railway Freight FAQs

  • What Cargo is Transported By Rail?

    Rail freight transport is commonly used to railway goods transport service, including bulk goods and consumer goods such as household cleaning products, batteries, and paint. The main types of railway goods transport include dangerous goods, special goods, and consumer goods.

  • What is Rail Freight?

    Rail freight is the use of railways and trains to transport goods, not human passengers. Trains can use specially designed cars to transport bulk materials, multimodal containers, general cargo, or special cargo. Rail freight practices and economies vary from country to country and region.

  • How are Freight Trains Loaded?

    The loading process is carried out by large gantry cranes that span railway tracks and road train truck lanes. Once the road train stops by the track, the gantry crane will sequentially pick up the containers from the multi-trailer trucks and load them onto the dedicated rail cars.

  • ​Are Freight Trains Efficient?

    On average, the fuel efficiency of railways is three to four times that of trucks. This means that transporting goods by rail instead of trucks can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% on average.

Railway Freight
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