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Different Forms of Sea Freight Schedules

Scheduling simply means scheduling several ships per week by date. The main types of sea freight schedules are as follows:

Sea freight weekly sailing

The weekly schedule is fixed, such as this week is the schedule Wednesday ship, next week his schedule is still Wednesday, such a ship schedule is very regular, very good grasp. So most trading companies prefer to use such ships for transportation.

Sea freight with multiple schedules per week

From the name, this kind of ship's schedule is divided by week, that is, there are many trips to a place within a week, for example, the schedule is one, three, five, that is, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there are ships, such ship schedule is also very fixed, no special circumstances will not change.

Sea freight non-weekly ship

Such a ship's schedule is the most difficult to grasp, because his schedule is not fixed, this week may be Monday, next week may be Wednesday, and then the next week may not go, so such a ship is not suitable for the transport of long-term stable goods, only suitable for the temporary need to transport goods.

Container liner shipping schedule is broadly divided into these three cases, of course, how to choose the right shipping schedule or depends on the specific trade contract and cargo situation.

There is another form of sea freight is bulk carrier transport

Its schedule is not so regular, bulk cargo mainly refers to bulk goods or scattered goods without packaging, such as: large machinery and equipment, thousands of tons of coal or grain. Transportation of these goods schedule is generally ordered by the consignor, not the shipping company. This is divided into two cases: one is the course charter, that is, according to the ship's voyage to pay the rent, of course, during this period the trader has the right to use the ship, his schedule is the trader and the shipowner jointly agreed. The other is time charter, which is the way to pay the rent according to the time, during which the trader has the right to use the ship, and his schedule is also negotiated by both parties.

Sea freight includes all the forms of schedule roughly so many, which specific schedule to use mainly depends on the terms of transport and the basic situation of the goods, sea freight is a natural water transport, no additional investment such as airports and railroads, port facilities are mostly built by the government. Sea freight service can greatly save these huge infrastructure sea freight costs, plus a large number of ships and long distances. As a result, the price of sea freight is almost one-fifth of the price of railroads. It is 1/10th of road transport and 1/30th of air transport.

Currently, more than two-thirds of total international trade and about 90% of China's total imports and exports are shipped by sea. Shipping has dramatically changed the world.

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