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Analysis of Key Factors for Successful Air Logistics

International air shipping is a kind of high-quality service

Aviation logistics, also known as air shipping, is an important part of modern logistics, providing safe, fast, convenient and high-quality services. Airports with high efficiency and the ability to provide comprehensive logistics services will play an important role in reducing the production and operation costs of goods, improving product quality, protecting the ecological environment, and accelerating the turnover of goods. With an experienced and professional team of dedicated employees, it can provide professional and reliable transportation solutions for various types of special goods.

International air shipping logistics is not a traditional air cargo enterprise in the traditional sense, nor is it simply an extension of traditional air cargo services that ordinary people understand. It is a new industry in the information age. Its operating model is not just "aircraft + truck" but is based on information technology, focusing on customer needs, combining supply chain management of production enterprises, and cooperating with production manufacturers to design integrated logistics solutions with the characteristics of "one-stop" and "door-to-door" services, providing customers with organic and efficient personalized comprehensive logistics services for the supply, production, transportation, warehousing, and sales of raw materials and products.

From the development status of the aviation logistics industry, most enterprises are still in the transportation contract and distribution stage. With the development of information technology, it is also very likely for aviation companies to bypass logistics outsourcing and directly move towards supply chain management groups. The key to success lies in grasping some key elements of success. If the international air shipping logistics business is divided into two categories: air cargo and air express, the key elements of success in the aviation logistics industry are as follows.

Key success factors for air e-commerce logistics companies

  • Ground transportation capability (the size of the express delivery network in second-tier cities, the scale of agencies in other cities, and the ability to provide intercity cargo transportation).

  • Customer relationships (whether a national freight forwarding network has been established, whether customers are subject to hierarchical management, and whether customer loyalty can be cultivated).

  • Value-added service capability (warehouse, packaging, assembly and other supply chain management capabilities).

  • Information technology (cargo management capabilities, CRM system, knowledge management system).

  • Coverage of aviation routes (increase the capacity of all-cargo aircraft, use existing belly cargo capacity, and use the routes of other domestic and foreign airlines).

  • Transport capacity in various modes (provide air routes with complete cargo planes and belly cargo, and road transport capacity).

  • Process efficiency (all-cargo aircraft routes, sorting centers, and round-the-clock operations).

  • Branding (brand promotion, unified service model, and unified pricing strategy).

  • IT system (unified planned information system, with standardization, reliability, compatibility, and scalability).

  • Service quality (perfect performance appraisal and quality monitoring system, quality management certification).

  • Ground transportation network (establish a same-city network and establish delivery stations in several cities).

Whether these key success factors can be grasped is the key to whether air e-commerce logistics companies can gain market competitive advantages.

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