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Three Advantages of Ocean Freight

Cross-border logistics is currently the main customer of the international shipping industry, and it has great significance in international trade. And because sea transportation is a natural waterway transportation method, it can be exempted from the restrictions of road traffic control and aviation system, and its market share can reach more than 60%, and its advantages as an international logistics method are also obvious.

1. Affordable international ocean freight can help companies reduce transportation costs

As an important way of export trade, shipping has an unshakable status, especially Shanghai International Shipping. Due to its geographical advantages, Shanghai has become an important city for international trade. The transportation cost of international shipping is relatively low in the three major fields of air and land shipping, so it is also the preferred international transportation channel for many foreign trade companies. Affordable prices are favored to help businesses reduce shipping costs.

2. The shipping load capacity by sea freight is very strong and can be shipped in large quantities

International shipping mainly uses containers for transportation, and the size of containers is also selected according to the shipping needs of enterprises. It can bear the weight of dozens of tons of goods, and the huge carrying capacity is completely unmatched by trains or planes. It is a very good mode of transportation for enterprises that need to export heavy goods such as automobiles or large quantities of goods.

3. Wide range of international by sea freight, suitable for transporting various goods

The scope of application of sea transportation is very wide. Unlike air transportation, which has very strict requirements for inflammable, explosive and explosive items, it can basically adapt to various types of cargo transportation on the market. Those items that cannot meet the conditions of other modes of transportation can basically be passed by international shipping.

China's rapid economic development, the rise of a large number of export trading companies, large-scale purchasers, retailers and cross-border trade e-commerce, China is destined to become today's major freight forwarding country, and the import and export volume of goods is very large. Although international shipping has faced certain challenges since the outbreak of the epidemic, it still cannot stop the demand for continuous innovation and the upward trend.

Freight quotes are not just price lists for international ocean freight services for rail freight services. In other words, the ocean freight quotation is a summary of the charges charged by the carrier to transport the goods from point A to point B, and the ocean freight is not fixed. Ocean freight refers to the remuneration paid by the shipper to the carrier in the ocean. Generally, it includes sea freight from the port of shipment to the port of destination, as well as surcharges, handling charges and port charges. Divided into ocean freight forwarding and cash on delivery. The former is delivered before the carrier receives the goods or issues the bill of lading; the latter is paid when the vessel arrives at the port of destination to deliver the goods.

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