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New Characteristics of E-commerce Logistics

With the advent of the e-commerce era, global e-commerce logistics services have brought about new developments, enabling logistics to have a range of new features.

Informatization of e-commerce logistics services

With the e-commerce era, logistics informatization is a necessary requirement of e-commerce. Informatization of e-commerce logistics services is reflected in the commercialization of logistics information, the database and codification of logistics information collection, electronic and computerized processing of logistics information, standardization and real-time transmission of logistics information, and digitization of logistics information storage. Therefore, barcode technology, database technology, electronic ordering systems, electronic data interchange, rapid response and effective customer feedback, and enterprise resource planning will be widely used in logistics throughout the country. Informatization is the foundation of everything, without logistics informatization, no advanced technology equipment can be applied to the logistics field. The application of information technology and computer technology in logistics will thoroughly change the face of world logistics.

Automation of e-commerce logistics services

The foundation of automation is informatization, the core of automation is electromechanical integration, and the external manifestation of automation is unmanned. The effect of automation is labor-saving, as well as expanding the logistics operation capabilities, improving labor productivity, and reducing errors in logistics operations. There are many facilities for logistics automation, such as barcode/voice/radio frequency identification systems, automatic sorting systems, automatic access systems, automatic guided vehicles, and automatic tracking systems for goods. These facilities have been widely used in logistics operation processes in developed countries. In some countries, due to late start and low development level of logistics industry, the popularity of automation technology still needs a considerable amount of time.

Networking of e-commerce logistics services

The foundation of networking in the field of logistics is also informatization, which is a key feature of logistics under e-commerce activities. The term networking here has two meanings: One is the computer communication network of the e-commerce logistics service distribution system, including the logistics distribution center's contact with suppliers or manufacturers through a computer network, as well as communication with downstream customers through a computer network. For example, the process of the logistics distribution center placing orders with suppliers can be automated through computer communication, using value-added online electronic ordering systems and electronic data interchange technology. The process of the logistics distribution center collecting orders from downstream customers can also be automated through computer networks. The second is organizational networking, which is referred to as an enterprise intranet.

E-commerce, as a new digital business model, represents the future of trade, consumption, and service. Therefore, to improve the overall business environment, it is necessary to break the traditional system of the industrial era and develop a socialized logistics distribution system based on the main features of commodity agency and distribution, combined with logistics, business, and information flows. The concept of e-commerce logistics services emerged with the development of e-commerce technology and social demand. It is an indispensable and important component for realizing the economic value of e-commerce.

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