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What is the Process of Shipping to USA from China?

For many overseas immigrants who are new immigrants to the United States, it is important to know the process of shipping to USA from China. People are more concerned about how things are shipped to the United States. As an international logistics company with many years of experience in shipping, Efdcargo Co., Ltd. has the most say in shipping things to USA from China.

Today, as a professional freight forwarding company in China, Efdcargo Co., Ltd. wants to share with you the experience of shipping to USA from China, and give you a reference.

First of all, in terms of time arrangement, the time required to ship things to the United States should be estimated well, how long it will take for individuals to clean up and move, and how long it will take during the shipping process. This needs to be planned and estimated by yourself. Because there are many procedures and procedures for moving to a foreign country, although the international moving company is responsible for the whole process, it also takes some time from the customs side. Therefore, sufficient time should be prepared for shipping goods to the United States, so as to avoid the urgent need for time management.

The time has been arranged, and the next step is to find a formal and professional international moving company. I recommend Efdcargo Co., Ltd. here. The service is good and the charges are reasonable. Closer to home, after contacting the moving company, it is to organize the furniture items. Determine with the moving company what procedures you need to go through and which documents to prepare. You can't miss any of the things you need to avoid delay in your journey due to missing documents during shipping, so you need to prepare early.

Then there is the sorting and packing of items. Of course, we need to figure out which items to carry. According to the number of items to be transported, choose a suitable transportation plan. International shipping is carried by containers, which are generally divided into three more conventional container types: 20gp, 40gp, and 40hq. The space they accommodate is also different, 20gp can accommodate 28cbm household items (understandable 2 bedroom furniture items), 40gp can accommodate 58cbm household items (accommodates 5 bedrooms), 40hq can accommodate 65cbm household items. If the items you carry are less than 20cbm, you can choose to ship with friends with common needs; the cost can be understood as the aa system, which will inevitably save a lot of costs. You can also choose Efdcargo Co., Ltd.'s centralized consignment group purchase method, and LCL together with Efdcargo Co., Ltd.'s shipping customers. In this way, the cost of group purchase can also be saved a lot.

On the way to the United States by sea, the US Customs will receive the ams declaration data from the exporting country after the ship is opened. The local freight forwarding company or customs clearance agency in the United States must receive the relevant import documents and the shipping company's arrival notice one week before the ship arrives, apply to the US Customs for import declaration and commodity inspection, and submit the documents to the destination port shipping company to release the goods. Give the proof of delivery to the trailer of the consignee or arrange delivery by the local agent to the warehouse designated by the consignee, and then according to the originally selected door-to-port pickup or door-to-door pickup, the shipping process is basically complete! International moving is not that complicated as long as you contact a reliable moving company.

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