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International Air Freight Forwarding: Receiving Conditions and Receiving Procedures for Goods

Conditions for international air freight shipping of freight forwarders' cargo receipt

General provisions

  • In accordance with the regulations of various airlines, the goods entrusted by the consignor must comply with the laws and regulations of the countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as all transportation regulations of various airlines.

  • Goods that are prohibited and not carried in accordance with international government and air transport enterprise regulations shall not be accepted.

  • The consignor must handle the exit formalities of the customs and quarantine of the place of origin. Various air transport enterprises do not handle "freight collect" business for the time being.

  • The packaging, weight and volume of the goods must comply with air freight conditions.

Value limitation

The declared value of each batch of air freight shipping goods (that is, each air waybill) shall not exceed USD 100,000 or its equivalent currency (for goods whose value has not been declared, it shall be calculated at USD 20 per kilogram gross weight). If exceeded, it shall be shipped in batches (that is, divided into two or more air waybills); if the goods cannot be separated, they can only be shipped after approval by the relevant airline.

Payment requirements

  • The freight of air freight shipping goods can be prepaid or paid upon arrival, but it should be noted that: the freight and the declared value fee of the goods must be prepaid or paid upon arrival. Other expenses incurred at the point of departure must be prepaid or paid upon arrival; expenses incurred on the way of transportation should be paid upon arrival, but for certain expenses, such as the fixed expenses prescribed by the government and some taxes of the airport authorities, if known at the point of departure, they can also be prepaid. Other expenses incurred at the destination can only be paid upon arrival.

  • The consignor can use the following payment methods to pay the transportation fee to the carrier or its agent. Note: agents cannot accept the use of travel vouchers or prepaid ticket notice as a payment method by the consignor.

Procedures for international air freight shipping of freight forwarders' cargo receipt

  • When handing over the goods for shipment, the consignor should fill in the "international cargo consignment note" and provide relevant documents related to the transportation. The consignor shall be responsible for the correctness and completeness of the contents filled in the consignment note and the documents provided related to the transportation.

  • When collecting international goods, the agent of e-commerce logistics company should complete the following procedures carefully:

Goods content: Understand whether the goods entrusted by the consignor belong to the goods transported under specific conditions, especially whether the goods transported contain dangerous goods. If it belongs to or contains dangerous goods, it should be handled according to the relevant agreements between the carrier and the agent, and the relevant regulations of the International Air Transport Association for dangerous goods.

Destination of goods: The agent should understand whether the goods submitted by the consignor are common points of call. If there is no airport at the destination, the consignor can be advised to change the arrival station of the goods to a common point of call closer to the destination Z, but the consignee column must still indicate the destination of the goods.

Packaging and volume of goods: When collecting goods, the agent should check the packaging of air freight shipping goods and the size of the goods. For packaging that is not strong, too simple, and with old marks, the consignor should be asked to repack. In addition, check whether the volume of goods conforms to the requirements of the aircraft type that is loaded. For connecting goods, the aircraft type used at the transfer airport should be considered.

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