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Trends in the Development of E-commerce Logistics

Electronic commerce and modern logistics need to develop together, which is the consensus of people today and the conclusion that many electronic commerce companies have arrived at after years of exploration.

The value-added function of e-commerce logistics will be continuously enhanced

By taking advantage of electronic advantages, services that increase convenience are added. For example, providing one-stop service, door-to-door service, receiving customers with one face, 24-hour business, automatic ordering, transmission of information and transfer of funds, and combining with other industries, wireless POS, mobile small payment, etc., all belong to value-added services that increase convenience.

Speed up response service. Fast response has become one of the driving forces for the development of logistics. The traditional speeding up of response speed mainly focuses on logistics transportation tools and infrastructure. However, the fast response in the era of e-commerce is reflected in optimizing the e-commerce system and network design, and is inclined to be software-oriented fast response. Cost reduction service and extended service will integrate the supply chain into certain services.

The e-commerce logistics electronic data system has become the life of logistics

In the era of e-commerce, to provide the best service, the e-commerce logistics system must have a good information processing and transmission system. The widespread application of electronic computers has provided more demand and inventory information, improved the scientific level of information management, and made product flow easier and faster. Logistics informatization includes the establishment of product codes and databases, rationalization of transportation networks, systemic sales network, and construction of logistics center management electronicization, etc.

Under the environment of e-commerce, developing third-party e-commerce logistics has advantages

  • It can play the advantages of specialization and scale management, and reduce the operating costs of logistics enterprises.

  • Can better adapt to the needs of e-commerce development.

  • Through third-party e-commerce logistics, logistics resources can be integrated and logistics information and resources can be shared, which can more effectively enable social resources to be effectively allocated.

  • Through the system coordination of third-party logistics enterprises, it is conducive to improving the urban traffic situation.

E-commerce contains four basic "flows", namely information flow, commercial flow, capital flow and logistics. Logistics is the most special and essential of the "four flows". Without the development of logistics, the superiority of e-commerce will be greatly restricted. In particular, third-party logistics is the fulcrum on which e-commerce can achieve successful leaps in development.

E-commerce has raised the logistics industry to unprecedented heights, providing unprecedented opportunities for its development. The efficient operation of e-commerce requires efficient logistics operations to match it. Third-party e-commerce logistics has become the preferred method to meet the distribution needs of e-commerce companies, and e-commerce endows third-party logistics with new characteristics.

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