Efdcargo Co., Ltd.
Efdcargo Co., Ltd.


1. We are EFDCARGO.

✬We were established in 2016 dedicated for E-Commerce sellers for shipping plan tailor-made and optimization

✬We ship as an NVOCC. USA FMC (NO.029509,) and we are offering various routing options that will suit your needs.

✬We strive for excellence in every area – with our certified staff we are ready for any challenge. Our main scope is e-commerce shipments to Amazon USA. EU UK, Japan, and others. Target,eBay and Wal-mart.

✬We are offering the "value-added service " for sellers including 3PL warehouse, labeling, refund goods, VAT paid applications. QC, Sourcing, #Amazon claim refund, etc.

Our Departments: (so far, we have 28 employees)

* #Airfreight Department

* #LCL console Department

* #FCL Department

* Courier Department

* Railways Console Department

Our Version:

Tailor-made #shipping service to global e-commerce sellers.

All E-Forwarding family members are working 100% for this version with passion, love, and profession.

The elegant environment, relaxed atmosphere, open communication, high working efficiency, let's serve our clients better.


● Shanghai China-Long Beach Express (10 days)

● Ningbo China-Long Beach Express (12 days)

● A 13-year record of unmatched reliability

● 100% Monday 0630 availability on owned and operated chassis

Conveniently located- no terminal congestion

Industry-best truck turn times-25 minutes or less

E-Forwarding is doing the weekly Maston Consoles in order to suit our client's delivery deadline requirements.

We understand the current logistics mess and delay, we never stop thinking about alternative solutions.

3.  From 2017, We have opened our Matson consolidations, transporting more than 500 CBM Matson Cargos every week, and long-term cooperation with hundreds of customers to provide stable and fast logistics services.

Mature overseas warehouses, self-operated truck systems, and stable container space guarantees can enable us to do better during Covid-19.

The ETD shipping schedule is fixed every Wednesday/Thursday, and the delivery from China to All USA warehouse will not exceed 30 calendar days. ONT8/LAX9 can reach 16-18 calendar days. The lowest price can reach 3USD/KG ALL IN.

4. What caused the delay of MATSON's time limit?

Port congestion "eats" 15% of global bulk carrier capacity and 10% of container ship capacity.

When global freight is facing port congestion, almost everyone has turned their attention to Matson at the same time, a service known for its stable and fast service.

In fact, Matson is not immune to the chaotic market of goods and has suffered a lot of delays. MATSON HAWAII and MATSON NIIHAU are typical cases, Among which MATSON NIIHAU was even delayed for 10 days.

Currently China to USA, MATSON has 3 pols, Long Beach(CLX,CLX+),Oakland(CCX),Settle.Refer to the figure below, It is not difficult to find that the docks and unloading terminals of Matson on different routes are different, which also leads to the same Matson but different time-sensitive services.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Pier 3 where CLX is docked is a military terminal, which is available for unloading only by Matson.

2. Both CLX+ and CCX use commercial terminals. Of course, the containers of other shipping companies can also be unloaded here, so they will all be affected by port congestion.

The difference between the unloading docks determines the nature of the service, so at present, except for the CLX route, Matson will be affected by port congestion, even the same as normal Ocean.

This is why the same is MATSON, and why there is a big difference in treatment!!!

Understand the truth and explore the best path. Hope the above short article can help you, thank you for reading.

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