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Tips for Air Export

Previously, we have shared some articles on seaborne import and seaborne export and generally  understand that seaborne transportation is a low-cost and long-time transportation method. The relatively high cost and short transportation time are air freight. Today, let me talk about the basic situation of air freight export.

The process of air export is similar to that of sea export. The first is to accept the customer's entrustment, prepare the relevant documents, pick up the goods and send the goods to the warehouse, weigh the warehouse, prepare the customs declaration, label and take photos, deliver the goods through security inspection, and finally ship the board.

What are the documents that need to be prepared?

I. Customs declaration documents

1. Invoice, packing list, contract, power of attorney, customs declaration form, complete declaration elements, transportation insurance.

2. Manuals, account books, etc. must be authorized to the designated customs broker in advance.

3. Special trade methods such as return shipments, etc. need to provide information and necessary approval documents.

II. Delivery documents

1. Security checklist, in duplicate, with the official seal on the position of the client in the middle left.

2. Various types of guarantees that need to be provided. (the format will be provided at the time of booking)

3. Special product names such as chemicals and dangerous goods have specific format files.

III. Official documents

1. For special product names, such as chemicals and magnetic inspections, an officially approved transport condition appraisal certificate must be provided.

2. Special trade methods need to provide certification documents provided by the customs. (commodity inspection)

IV. Random documents

1. Invoice and packing list required for customs clearance with the goods abroad.

2. Origin, fumigation certificate and other documents required for import at the port of destination.

Everyone knows that shipping needs to be loaded in containers, but for air freight, pallets or AKE containers are used. When it comes to air freight, everyone knows that volume is very important. Why? As cargoes transported by air have to go through a security inspection machine, the security inspection machine has restrictions on the size and weight of the goods. For those ultra-wide and overweight goods, the security inspection stipulates that they must be placed for 24 hours.

For air shipments, packaging is very important. Because there are many operations involved in air export, coupled with aircraft on-demand, the packaging materials of the goods need to have sufficient hardness, and some special precision instruments need to be packed in wooden boxes. One thing to add is that the unloading of cargo on the apron is done in the open air, so the cargo must be protected from moisture.

The above is the air freight knowledge materials prepared by Efdcargo Co., Ltd for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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