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What Points Should Cross-Border Sellers Pay Attention to When Choosing Logistics Channels?

It is reported that Chinese sellers generally ship to FBA or overseas warehouses in Europe, known in the industry as European lines, which are usually divided into European railway lines and European air freight lines. In recent years, the sea freight shipping cost of the European line has been soaring due to the impact of the epidemic, especially with the uneven quality of logistics service providers in the industry, which may easily result in loss of money and goods. So, what should cross-border sellers pay attention to when choosing logistics channels?

Local e-commerce logistics resources in Europe

There are many kinds of specialized e-commerce logistics lines, which almost reach the same destination country. Therefore, the difference in logistics services depends on the logistics resources of service providers in Europe. With local resources in Europe, logistics service providers can help sellers quickly transport goods to Europe, understand the local weather changes and other unfavorable factors in advance, and arrange local logistics to quickly dock with goods.

Whether there is a sound e-commerce logistics transport specification

In the process of logistics transport, it is inevitable that there will be incidents of lost or damaged goods. If the logistics service provider has a sound transport management system, it can effectively prevent the risk of cargo loss. All logistics operational processes and dispatch schedules of goods are within the seller's control, allowing for the expansion of the global market with peace of mind.

Whether the scale of e-commerce logistics enterprises is large enough

For sellers, they first look at whether the logistics company can undertake the business, and whether the logistics provider can offer guarantees for transport time and service quality. Although smaller logistics companies may offer lower prices, they may bring unstable factors and potential risks in transport for goods.

Whether the e-commerce logistics costs are transparent and reasonable

The sea freight shipping cost often takes up a large part of the cost for cross-border sellers to go abroad. However, if the price is not transparent or there are hidden charges, it will increase the seller's financial pressure. Therefore, sellers should understand the charging standards in advance to avoid additional costs.

So, what is the sea freight shipping cost of shipping from China to Europe in 2022? Currently, due to the impact of the epidemic, the shipping costs of various global routes are continuously rising, with the European line rising particularly rapidly. On the other hand, the insufficient local transport capacity in Europe has led to a backlog of goods, with many workers striking for higher wages, and the logistics operating costs of logistics service providers continue to increase the transport costs of goods. However, even if the freight rate is high, goods still need to be shipped, otherwise the loss would be even greater when there is a shortage of goods. It is expected that the price of the European line will continue to remain high over the next year, and sellers should be mentally prepared for it.

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