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Amazon FBA Shipment Processing

It usually takes Amazon 2-6 days to process an FBA shipment after it is delivered to an FBA center. Inventory that is sent to Amazon is scanned and available for sale in a matter of days. However, busy holiday seasons might cause some unforeseen delays in the processing time.

When you first sign up for Amazon 3pl, your inventory will be shipped to a region-specific Fulfillment Center (FC). Once your products arrive at the FC, they will be processed by the warehouse staff and added to their system. At this point, Amazon will assign an available Pick-and-Pack order number for each product in your shipment. If you have multiple SKUs in one package or if your products need additional prep before shipping, they will likely receive separate order numbers.

Once all of your products have been picked and packed by Amazon warehouse staff members, they are ready for shipment to customers who have ordered them through Amazon's website or mobile app. Your items are assigned Tracking Numbers so that you can easily find out where they are located at all times during the 3pl e-commerce.

If you are experiencing any delays in processing time, there are several things you can do:

1. Contact Seller Support directly and ask them about the status of your FBA shipment.

2. Check out our article on how to contact Amazon Seller Support.

3. Make sure that your product labels are up-to-date and printed correctly on durable material (such as paper). If not, this could be why your inventory hasn't been processed yet

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