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Amazon Platform Logistics and Amazon Logistics Service Provider

Amazon platform logistics

1. Amazon FBA

The full name of FBA is Fullfillment By Amazon. The Chinese translation of FBA is amazon freight forwarding, which is the agent delivery service provided by Amazon, including warehousing, goods picking, packaging, distribution, payment collection, customer service and return processing and other one-stop logistics services.

2. Self-delivery

FBM refers to the seller directly delivering the goods to foreign customers from domestic suppliers or warehouses after receiving customers' orders. In other words, the seller is responsible for warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery and customer service. Among them,  self-delivery is also divided into three categories: postal, express, dedicated line.

3. Third-party overseas warehouses

That is, third-party overseas warehousing services. It refers to the one-stop control and management service of goods warehousing, sorting, packaging, and delivery provided by logistics service providers independently or jointly for sellers in the sales destination. The seller stores the goods in the local warehouse, and when the buyer has a demand, he will respond quickly and carry out the sorting, packaging and distribution of the goods in a timely manner.

Amazon logistics service provider

As for amazon 3pl companies, you can find FBA logistics service providers that can provide multiple delivery channels, and can adopt various and flexible logistics delivery methods. Efdcargo Co., Ltd is a professional China FBA ocean freight forwarder, and it can also provide express and air delivery logistics services for Amazon sellers. For sellers, always want to reduce logistics costs as much as possible, thereby reducing operating costs. Then you can generally use a combination of sea and air delivery to deliver the goods: ordinary freight is shipped by sea, and urgent shipments are shipped by UPS, SF Express and other express delivery to avoid the impact of outages on store operations during peak seasons.

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