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Amazon Product Selection Tips Share

Everything is difficult at the beginning. A perfect start will make us do more with less. The same is true for Amazon sales. A good product selection will help us to get more sales.

How to better choose more promising products——–this is a difficult problem that always accompanies Amazon sellers.

Faced with this problem, Everyone's solution is different, Recently, the high-performing Amazon seller Tony shared with Roben his ideas on how to choose better products, so I sorted them out and shared them with everyone.

Tony told me that I prefer to use a data website. The dating website will help him save a lot, not only money. Today I will share this website with you, hope to bring you some help.

The address of the website is ECOMTRENDS.COM, this website is used by many e-commerce sellers or foreign trade companies as one of the bases for initial product selection.

After registering the website, Your mailbox will regularly receive high-quality product information with an upward trend in foreign orders.

After obtaining product information, you can use search volume tools and Amazon, e-Bay, and other websites to search the corresponding product category, Select products with big demand and low competition. We can test these products by advertising on Facebook, selecting specific target audiences, and testing the conversion rate of orders.

If the conversion rate is high, we can continue to invest in advertising promotion to get more data feedback, help us more accurately select products, and complete the sales realization of the e-commerce platform.

If you have more questions, please feel free to discuss them, E-Forwarding is always with you.

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