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Can Amazon Sales Still Give Gift Cards?

Recently, a very hot topic is that Amazon gift cards that caused Amazon stores to be closed. Many Amazon sellers are worried about this problem. How can we avoid these problems in the future?

1. Can the gift card be given in the future?

Of course, Amazon officially allows gift cards, and Amazon even displays the words 20 USD gift card in the title of the product homepage, such as Sony products.

Here, maybe we should understand the real reason why the store was closed: Certain thank-you cards and gift cards are suspected of inducing favorable comments from Amazon buyers—-This will be considered anInducing false reviews from Amazon buyers, however, normal gift coupons are allowed.

2. Can Amazon sellers urge Amazon buyers to comment?

In fact, Amazon sellers can push review feedback to Amazon buyers through the official Amazon platform. This is allowed, but you must not avoid the Amazon platform. We can do the following:

3. How to give a thank you card reasonably?

  1. Can't ask for positive reviews.

  2. You can't ask Amazon buyers to contact you before giving negative reviews.

  3. Do not encourage Amazon buyers to fake reviews with gifts.

  4. Can't try to avoid Amazon sales or transfer Amazon buyers to other websites—-Cannot attach the website information of your own independent station.

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