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Under the COVID-19, FBA Fast Service Solution-Prime Truck Service

Today is a memorable day-Prime Truck Service is officially released!!! During the trial operation, we continued to optimize each logistics node and reduce logistics losses. For this reason, we paid expensive tuition fees. Fortunately, we finally achieved a gratifying report card.

According to incomplete statistics, from January to July 2021, we transported a total of 1443 bills Prime Truck Service of cargos, about 13000 CBM cargo, and the overall time limit is as follows:

  • Average time in the West USA: 15 Working Days                              

  • Average time in the Middle or East US: 20 Working Days

  • In the context of the chaotic logistics due to COVID-19, we are proud of this report card.

  • With the consent of our lovely guest Tony, we will share with you a Tony Prime Truck Service timetable for May.

  • It is not difficult to know the stability and Fast speed of Prime Truck Service through tabular data——This is due to our mature overseas warehouses and professional logistics system.

Advantages of Prime Truck Service:

1. While having the fast characteristics of express delivery, it has achieved a 100% delivery rate, and there will be no incidents of loss of goods.

2. The whole logistics is visualized, you can know the latest logistics status of your goods at any time.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.  Hans@E-Forwarding.cn

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