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September Can Be Expected | People's Livelihood Subsidies Help The U.S. Economic Recovery, Welcoming The Amazon Peak Season

Last week, the USA House of Representatives voted very low-key to approve the budget plan for the livelihood subsidy of US$3.5 trillion, which covers pre-school education and other aspects.

Under the continuous blow of the epidemic, the states of the United States have begun to save themselves.

Recently, California signed a bill that will issue a relief fund of up to 1100 USD to the public in September. The funds will be available as soon as the end of August. For sellers in the US, September is expected to usher in a wave of orders.

According to the current calculation, nearly two-thirds of the people will receive this bailout. It is estimated that each person will receive 600 US dollars. If they need to raise their children, an additional 500 USD will be added, for a total of up to 1100 USD.

Such economic relief will directly drive California's economic recovery. At the same time, what surprised sellers was that with the release of bailouts, the unemployment rate in the United States is also falling, and the economy seems to be slowly recovering.

This is undoubtedly good news for sellers who have experienced the devastation of the epidemic.

In fact, some sellers have reported that orders are gradually picking up in recent days. I felt the rhythm of the coming peak season ahead of time. For most sellers, the orders in September are worth looking forward to!

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