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What Are the Requirements for a Good Freight Forwarder?

The export of our goods by sea requires a complex and cumbersome process and a series of documents and procedures to be handled. In addition, it also involves many legal issues of the country and the exporting country. If you don't have enough experience, it is recommended to choose a cargo express shipping company, which can represent our cargo export work in the whole or part of the process, which saves us worry and effort, but how do we choose a freight forwarder? What are the requirements for a freight forwarder?

1. Cargo express delivery agents need to have quite mature business capabilities

An excellent freight forwarder should not only be familiar with the geographical knowledge of the shipping route of his own agency, but also be able to accurately calculate the arrival time of the goods and possible unexpected situations under various circumstances, but also be familiar with the applicability of different types of transportation to the goods. In this way, relevant suggestions can be given well and a set of reliable transportation plans can be formulated.

2. Cargo express delivery agents should be familiar with bilateral policies and regulations

An excellent cargo express delivery agent must be very familiar with the relevant regulations and laws and regulations of the country for exporting goods. He can help us operate the maritime freight transport documents and ensure that they are produced correctly and in a timely manner. He also needs to understand the laws and regulations of the exporting country, local laws and regulations. Folklore and the relevant situation of the local port can ensure that there will be no accidents during the transportation of the goods.

3. Cargo express delivery agents should understand customs procedures and port operation procedures

In import and export trade, customs clearance is the basic responsibility of these agents. Customs agents in various countries are usually authorized by the government and should have the ability to protect the responsibilities of both customers and customs authorities in the process of performing their duties. In reality, the handling of various export procedures and the operation of port operations are directly related to the ability of cargo express delivery agents.

Of course, when we choose a freight forwarder, we must first examine some basic elements, mainly including the qualification of the freight forwarder, whether its formal qualification certificate is complete; the credit of the freight forwarder, including its credit reputation, etc. In addition, the lower freight rates that freight forwarders can offer are also an important factor to consider. The quotations of some cargo express delivery agents are even cheaper than our own procedures, which mainly depends on how closely they cooperate with the transportation company.

Efdcargo Co., Ltd. can minimize the risk of damage and loss of goods during express delivery, which makes us a reliable express delivery company. Additionally, shipping needs change from time to time. If you rely on traditional air freight logistics or ground carriers such as rail freight, it can take days or even weeks to fully adapt to each new change, exposing your company to an unacceptable loss of productivity. However, as an experienced cargo express shipping company, we can respond to these changes at the fastest speed by fast shipping and booking thoughtful global cargo express shipping services!

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