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Amazon Warehouse Destroyed Millions of Products Everyweek, How to Avoid Storage Pain Points!

According to the British independent television report, the British Amazon destroyed warehouse is set to destroy 130000 products a week. Such breathtaking dates are shocking!

Why are so many goods destroyed?

—-The zero inventory business model of Amazon.

In order to increase the operating speed of the warehouse, Amazon will charge a huge amount of storage for the unsalable products to promote the sellers to process the goods faster. Face that, Some sellers move out of the warehouse, but more are to choose Amazon to destroy.

Facing high storage fees or choosing to be destroyed, how can we avoid it?

1. Oversea Warehouse-the main battlefield

Overseas warehouse transfer will be the main battlefield of logistics in the future. Overseas warehouses have the characteristics of lower costs and timely replenishment. This will be a perfect solution to Amazon's high storage charges, but it is more suitable for some large sellers. Large quantities of goods can effectively average the cost of the second transfer to Amazon from overseas warehouses and achieve the goal of cost optimization.

2. Reasonable shipping plan + reliable logistics service

In recent years, Amazon dividends have attracted many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to join. In the face of small and medium-sized Amazon sellers, it is obvious that overseas warehouses are not a better choice. Maybe optimizing logistics service quality will be a more direct and effective way.

A planned transportation plan + stable logistics services would be an excellent choice. Such a combination optimizes costs while maintaining a good storage rate.

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