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What Are the Service Contents and Key Time Deadlines for International Ocean Freight?

Currently, the global economy has entered the era of integration, and the production and sales of products by many multinational companies are not completed in one country. Many enterprises are involved in international ocean freight services. Today, let's take a look at the content and key time points of international ocean freight services.

Service content of international ocean freight

international ocean freight service 

Ocean freight service agencies specialize in providing cargo air and sea transportation, import and export, international exhibition, private luggage transportation, international express delivery, logistics consultation and planning services, serving both enterprises and individuals.

Business included in international ocean freight

International ocean freight includes third-party logistics services, loading and unloading of goods on board, reservation and warehousing of ocean freight space, long and short distance transport, product customs clearance, clearance, and inspection, as well as a series of services such as cargo insurance, providing efficient and specialized ocean freight services for enterprises or individuals.

Two forms of import customs clearance in international ocean freight

There are two forms of customs clearance, personal goods customs clearance and trade import customs clearance. Personal postal entry goods usually refer to shopping products with a value of less than RMB 1,000. Based on the principle of personal application, express delivery companies generally declare entry on behalf of express delivery companies. If the value of the goods exceeds the limit, they can only handle import customs clearance procedures in the form of general trade.

Personal luggage and items usually refer to personal items carried after returning from overseas. If the value does not exceed RMB 5,000, they will be exempt from tax. If they exceed the regulations, they need to be taxed. If personal daily necessities are mailed back to China, a personal item list must be filled out at the airport before mailing back to China. If not, import customs clearance procedures must be handled in the form of general trade.

Three key time points in international ocean freight

Cut-off time for customs clearance

The cut-off time for customs clearance refers to the deadline for customs to accept customs release information. This cut-off time is very important because the declarant must complete the release of the goods and submit the customs release document to the transportation company before this cut-off time. The customs release document is also called the site receipt and the unloading paper. If the customs release document is not submitted after cut-off time, the goods cannot be loaded onto the ship and may be delayed until the next voyage. They may also be stuck at the pier and incur overnight fees. Therefore, for companies undertaking international ocean freight, cut-off time for customs clearance is a key point to be particularly aware of each time they undertake transport.

Cut-off time for submitting ocean freight instructions

This time point is the deadline for international ocean freight companies to make the final changes to the bill of lading, that is, the deadline for submitting changes to the bill of lading materials, and changes cannot be made free of charge after this time. Many companies also choose one-time replenishment, and any subsequent changes will be charged. The cut-off time is also implemented according to the standards of each company, some are on the day of departure, and some are within one week of departure, with no fixed standard.

Cut-off time for handling cargo at port

The cut-off time at the port, also known as loading time, refers to the deadline for the terminal to receive container cargo. Cargo containers that have been loaded before this time can enter the terminal or warehouse, but if this time has passed, they cannot enter the terminal. Therefore, when engaging in international ocean freight, goods must be loaded and sent to the terminal before this cut-off time.

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